aRTe Innovation is a hardware prototype development network created by Richard Tanke during a period of more than 30 years in which he, and a gradually increasing group of scientists, marketeers, designers, businessmen and manufacturers, developed technological concepts and new products for all kind of clients. Developments with added value proven by growing sales or investors participating and users who like it.

Solo creation, co-creation, open or in-company closed innovation, these labels do not really matter as long as value is created for you, for the world we live in. Value is more than just money. People, planet and profit are words that do matter to us; we will never develop something for the sole purpose of enriching an individual.

Richard admires unconventional cases and works on a commercial or participative base.

Richard has a PhD in Nuclear Physics. Under the supervision of professor Cees Andriesse, aspects of nuclear reactor safety were investigated on highly radioactive uranium. A controversial but necessary project that caught the attention of scientists, politicians, protest groups and local citizens.
Worked in scientific, managerial and entrepreneurial positions within companies such as Nucletron and DNV/Kema, in hospitals (rehab) and care organisations (deaf and the hearing impaired) and as a consultant for a.o. Philips Board of Directors and AkzoNobel. Was a teacher in Innovation Management at the Arnhem-Nijmegen HAN University of Applied Sciences. Won several prices for innovative products & initiatives.
The birth of his mentally impaired son not only marked two sides of his career, it also led to the development of the balanced bike home training system to learn his mentally impaired son how to bike. And it changed his career into that of a social entrepreneur. E.g. the Dwarswerk Foundation was founded together with Gert Rebergen; and focusses on handicapped people and product makership. He has managed Metafors, a metalsheet production and assembly company operated by people with an impairment. It is part of the Amfors Group. He has retired from that lately but still works on innovations for cure & care.